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Sydney IVF treatment

IVF or in vitro fertilisation is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) used to manually unite egg and sperm cells in a lab, as opposed to the natural process which occurs within the body. There are many reasons why couples have trouble conceiving or losing recurring pregnancies. While this can be challenging and emotionally difficult, other options exist for creating a family. 

IVF can be used to facilitate pregnancy where other alternatives have not been successful. In order to determine whether this is the right course of action for you and your partner, you’ll have to consult with your fertility specialist in Sydney. A full fertility assessment will be made to determine if IVF is an appropriate option for your circumstances. If it is, the process of in vitro fertilisation can begin. 

How IVF treatment in Sydney works

IVF treatment follows a few steps, and Dr Anthony Marren will be there every step of the way.

1. Stimulation of the ovaries

The woman injects the hormone Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) daily to encourage as many follicles in the ovaries as possible to grow. Usually, two-to-three sets of blood tests and ultrasounds monitor follicle development.

2. Egg and sperm collection 

When the follicles are large enough that they are likely to contain mature eggs, a ’trigger’ injection is used to begin the ovulation process. 36 hours after the ’trigger’, the egg collection procedure takes place. The egg collection can be performed with sedation and local anaesthesia, or general anaesthesia. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, and once the egg collection is complete, the male provides a sperm sample. Occasionally, a surgical procedure is needed for this.

3. Fertilising and nurturing the embryos in the laboratory

In the laboratory, the embryologists bring egg and sperm together. Successfully fertilised eggs are then nurtured within the lab for the next five-to-six days. Embryo development to day three informs us about the quality of the eggs. Embryo development from three to five informs us about the quality of the sperm.

4. Transferring the embryo 

For those choosing to have a fresh embryo transfer, the embryologists select the best quality embryo. The embryo transfer is usually quick and does not require sedation or anaesthesia.

5. Luteal phase support and pregnancy test 

Progesterone is used to support the luteal phase (second half of the cycle) 11 days after embryo transfer. 

If you and your partner choose to engage an IVF specialist in Sydney, your doctor will outline the process for you in more detail while taking into account your specific circumstances and medical history to maximise the chance of a successful IVF treatment in Sydney. Throughout the process, you’ll be guided and supported so you can feel in control of your fertility journey. 

Why Choose Dr Anthony Marren?

Dr Anthony Marren is an IVF specialist in Sydney with a passion for helping couples conceive and achieve their dream of pregnancy. His expertise is in IVF treatment, fertility treatments and preservation. After dedicating his life to the fields of reproductive endocrinology and infertility, Dr Anthony Marren has the experience to assist you on your fertility journey with compassion, understanding and support. He will be a trusted partner in your journey as a couple to conceive. 

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