Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation in Sydney

As part of our range of fertility treatments, Dr Anthony Marren offers fertility preservation methods to give you more control over when you start a family. As we age, the health and quantity of a person’s eggs begin to decline. After the age of 35 the quality of one’s eggs can quickly deteriorate, making it significantly harder to conceive. With fertility preservation through egg freezing, you can buy back time and preserve eggs at their present condition, ready to be used and fertilised through IVF when you’re ready.

Start your family when the time is right with fertility preservation

The biology of our bodies doesn’t operate on the same schedule as our lives. Whether you want to consolidate your career, complete study, achieve personal and financial goals or wait to meet the right partner, you may not be ready to start a family when your body is ready. Through our egg-freezing services, you can deliberately delay parenthood until the time is right for you. Whether you have a clear vision for the future and starting your family, or you’re not yet sure what parenthood will look like, take control of your life with our treatments for fertility preservation in Sydney.

Our fertility preservation in Sydney is available to couples and single people who want to preserve unfertilised eggs for years before starting their fertility journey. If you have a current health condition or are being treated for a disease like cancer, egg freezing allows you to preserve your eggs in case your fertility is affected. Likewise, if now isn’t the right time to start your family, fertility preservation offers an alternate pathway on a timeline that suits you and your partner’s lifestyle, goals and financial situation.

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If you want to take control of your fertility journey and extend the window for your path to parenthood, Dr Anthony Marren can help. Dr Marren, a specialist in fertility treatments of all kinds, has the expertise and empathy to help guide you through the fertility preservation process and help you feel in control of your fertility. To get started with egg freezing, talk to our team and book an appointment today.

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